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Hiki No: Hawaii's Amazing School-Age News Reporters
School-Age News Reporters

HIKI NO (which means can do) is the first and only weekly student news show with a statewide network of schools. Under their teachers’ guidance, students from over 80 public, private and charter schools from across the islands share stories from their communities to Hawaii and the world. All of the stories they present are conceived, written, shot and edited entirely by students.

Watch the latest video Ha'aha'a (humbleness, humility).

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Photos of Hawaii
Photos of Hawaii Capture Magnificent Moments
Nobody put it better than Mark Twain when he described Hawaii as the loveliest fleet of islands that lies anchored in any ocean. Few places in the world can offer as many MEMORABLE MOMENTS as Hawaii: golden sunsets on azure seas, fiery volcanoes spewing towers of lava, graceful palms framing white sand beaches, majestic waterfalls tumbling into a garden of greenery, awe-inspiring surf pounding beyond the reef, pristine rain forests untouched by human hands, snow-covered mountains, dazzling rainbows emerging from a wall of rain. Here is a rainbow of cultures, a golden people with roots in Polynesia, Asia and the West, performing hula, mastering waves, paddling canoes, playing music, fishing the sea and enjoying sports on land and sea. Make your moment last… and enjoy some of these Hawaii photos.

Photo by Willyam Bradberry /
Hiking the Big Island's Akaka State Park
Hiking Akaka Falls State Park
Tumbling gracefully 420 feet down a carved precipice, Akaka Falls is one of the most popular scenic attractions along the western coastline of the Big Island of Hawaii. Two of Hawaii’s grandest waterfalls are located within Akaka Falls State Park, a short drive inland, about 3.5 miles from the old plantation town of Honomu, just off of Highway 19. Read More

Photo by Brett Uprichard

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