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Taro: A Labor of Love
Taro is more than a food source in Hawaii – it’s a beloved older brother. Farmers in Hawaii still grow the staple plant in the same way it’s been done for centuries. Read More
Wikiwiki Kalua Pig and Cabbage
Wikiwiki Kalua Pig and Cabbage
The secret to this quickie dish is finding quality kalua pig, readily available in most Hawaii markets. Outside of Hawaii, who knows? Next time you are in Hawaii, you’ll just have to buy a container, freeze it and toss it in your luggage just before you leave the Islands. You can also substitute your favorite hot sauce back home for chili-pepper water. See Recipe
Traditional Island Tastes
Lomilomi Salmon
So what are these peculiar looking Hawaiian dishes anyway? What's in that purple paste and sack of leaves—and is that raw fish edible? While we can't guarantee you'll pronounce the names right, we can at least tell you what makes these traditional Hawaiian dishes so ono (delicious).

Poi, laulau, lomilomi salmon, pipikaula, poke and haupia—they're all here ... 
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