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Fujioka Store Early Days
Fine Wine Finds
[From Spirit of Aloha, July 1995]

Who would have thought that Fujioka Super Market in Haleiwa, a three-generation family business that began as a plantations store, would become the Napa Valley of the North Shore? Ask Lyle Fujioka, and he’ll tell you an amazing tale of forward-thinking, hard-working ancestors, their imaginative offspring, a brush with blindness, and the wondrous workings of destiny.
Fujioka with Wine
“Years ago, I had severe glaucoma and almost went blind,” begins Fujioka, president of Fujioka Super Market. “I underwent glaucoma surgery in San Francisco and, because Napa Valley was so close, I went there to convalesce.” There he discovered the marvels of wine tasting and the culinary lifestyle, and decided to transplant them into the heart of Haleiwa. 
Maui — Historic Lahaina
Lahaina has more history per square block than any other town in the Islands. Take a day to explore this pedestrian-friendly seaside town. Among the key sites are:
Lahaina Masters' Reading Room
1. Masters’ Reading Room: Located on the corner of Front and Dickenson streets, this shaded property, which has been planted exactly as originally laid out by Dr. Dwight Baldwin in 1847, provides an appropriate home for the Lahaina Restoration Foundation.

2. Baldwin Home: The missionary and Harvard-trained physician Rev. Dwight Baldwin of Durham, Conn., and his bride of a few weeks sailed from New England for Hawaii in 1830. They lived in this Lahaina home from 1838 to 1871.
Taro Patch
3. Richards House: William Richards was the first Protestant missionary in Lahaina. The Richards house, built on the site of the present Campbell Park, was the first coral stone home in the Islands

4. Taro Patch: The lawn of what is now the Lahaina Public Library was once a patch of taro, the staple of the Hawai­ian diet, a tuber that is pounded into poi.

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