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Hiking Oahu's Koko Head
Hiking Oahu's Koko Head
Some people see a mountain and think how lovely it looks. Others see a peak and need to know the view from the top, no matter how steep the climb. Koko Head’s railway trail is definitely for those in the second category. With 1100 “steps” and over 800 feet of elevation gain, Koko Head is a challenging climb. But where did this pseudo-stairway come from?

During World War II, Oahu was a highly fortified island. Puu Mai, the highest peak at Koko Head Crater, was a military watch post. The U.S. military created a tram railway to transport troops and supplies to the summit post. After the war the rail line was abandoned leaving wooden planks that act as stairs all the way to the top.
The railway leading up Oahu's Koko Head
Although many hiking websites classify this as a moderate hike, it’s fairly difficult, and should only be attempted by those healthy enough to ascend and descend over 1000 steep steps. The stairs start off on a relatively easy incline that sharpens drastically about one third of the way up.
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Big Island — Scenic Spots
Big Island — Scenic Spots — Volcano
Photo by Tanguy de Saint Cyr,
Big Island sunset

From ruggedly raw volcanic crags to delicate waterfalls trickling down verdant sea cliffs, the Big Island is a feast for the senses. Each area of the island is different from the next, and the diversity is both astounding and inspiring.

To plan your perfect Big Island vacation itinerary, read on for great ideas, including Outdoor Adventures, Peaceful Retreats, Cultural Journeys, Scenic Spots, Nonstop Shopping and Family Fun.
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Photo by Brett Uprichard

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