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The Family Behind Rainbow Drive-In
Rainbow Over Kapahulu
ABOVE: Rainbow Drive-In’s founder, Seiju Ifuku, along with son-in-law Harvey Iwamura, wife, Ayako, and son-in-law Jim Fusukuma, have made the Kapahulu eatery one of Honolulu’s favorite plate-lunch restaurants. Photo by Brett Uprichard.
Stories of Aloha by Jocelyn Fujii
(From Spirit of Aloha, February 1996)

Islanders returning from the Mainland often declare that the first thing they want when they land in Honolulu is a bowl of chili or a teriyaki-beef plate lunch—not from just anywhere, but from Rainbow Drive-In in Kapahulu. “It’s true. We find that one of the first places they come to when they get off the plane is Rainbow’s,” confirms Jim Gusukuma, who runs the 35-year-old local landmark with Harvey Iwamura and Seiju Ifuku. Ifuku, founder of the drive-in and supposedly retired now, is the father of Gusukuma’s and Iwamura’s wives.

Ifuku’s recipes have outlived his former restaurants, the old Welcome Inn on Maunakea Street and the Kalakaua Drive-Inn, where the Waikiki Sizzler now stands. As a cook in the 100th Infantry Battalion during World War II, he had devised a simple formula—“Tasty food, good value”—that worked so well he applied it later to his restaurant business. Today, the motto is sustaining the third generation of Ifuku’s customers. Read More

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Perfect Walks ~ Waikiki
Photos by Brett Uprichard
A walk along Waikiki Beach is a dream come true. Known as the playground of the Pacific, both the beach and the surrounding resort area are a joy to explore by foot.
Viewing the Sea Lion at Waikiki Aquarium

For the ultimate pleasure, we recommend splitting the walk into two separate days, one devoted to Kuhio Beach and all the sites around Kapiolani Park, the second focused on the area between the historic Royal Hawaiian Hotel and the scenic Ala Wai Yacht Harbor.
Since the days when Hawaiian royalty made this their favorite oceanside getaway, Waikiki Beach has always been one of Oahu’s main attractions. It offers calm, shallow waters in which to cool off and surf in the distance—usually fairly tame waves, except during an occasional summer swell, when even experienced surfers need to decide whether they are up to the challenge. For the sporting at heart, surfboards and surfing lessons are available, as well as catamaran sailing and outrigger canoe rides for folks who prefer their sports sitting down.

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