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We know that “beaches” is on your list of Hawaii vacation musts (see our Best Beaches in Hawaii for a definitive guide!)—but did you know that Hawaii offers much more than beaches?
Hawaii Vacation Itineraries

For example, visitors to Oahu can shop Honolulu’s designer boutiques, skydive the North Shore, explore Chinatown or tour a royal palace. On Maui, browse art galleries, unwind in a five-star spa, take a surf lesson or join in a whale-watching excursion. On the Big Island, experience deep-sea fishing, snorkeling or a helicopter flight above active volcanoes. Kauai offers must-see natural sights such as Waimea Canyon and the Napali Coast, plus hikes to hidden waterfalls and horseback riding. Molokai is unique with its historic Kalaupapa village and fringing reef perfect for kayaking. Mysterious Lanai is home to vast archeological remains and adventurous off-roading. Read More
Hawaii Horse Expo 2016
My grandfather used to love steak
When asked how he wanted it prepared, he’d request the cow placed on a grill. When it stopped moaning, it was ready. Rare was distinctly best in his book.
Juicy Steak

If you are also a steak-lover, your stay in Waikiki won’t disappoint. There are plenty of options available. From tri-tip to rib eye, or filet mignon to a classic Hawaiian steak plate lunch, this meat is incredibly versatile.
Yakiniku Chef
Whether you like your steak prepared well done or nearly raw like my grandfather, Waikiki has something to offer. Read on for more information about some of our favorite steaks in town.

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