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Sea Lion at Waikiki Aquarium
Family Fun at the Waikiki Aquarium
Past the din of downtown Waikiki on Kalakaua Ave. is the calm of open parks and water views. In this peaceful neighborhood sits the historic Waikiki Aquarium. First opened on March 19, 1904, the Waikiki Aquarium is the second-oldest public aquarium in the United States.
Viewing the Sea Lion at Waikiki Aquarium

The location of the Aquarium has remained constant for the past 112 years, but the exhibits are constantly growing and changing. Visitors to the Aquarium have the option to take an audio tour in one of nine languages. There is also a keiki audio tour that explains the exhibits in kid-friendly language.
Known for their vibrant coral displays, each tank at the aquarium is teaming with aquatic life. Be sure to listen closely to the audio guide to find out about the different types of coral and marine life in each exhibit. Read More

At the Heart of Kualoa Ranch
Waikiki Menus Magazine

By Julie Yaste
From our
Waikiki Menus magazine

You may know Kualoa Ranch as the site where countless movies and television shows have been filmed, including Jurassic Park, Lost and Fifty First Dates. But to many of the ranch employees, film shoots and guest tours are the public side of the ranch that exists to keep the working ranch alive and running.

"Everybody know us for Jurassic Park," says Taylor Kellerman, director of diversified agriculture and land stewardship. "But there's really no other place like this."
It's easy to see why. With stunning views of mountains and ocean, Kualoa Ranch is easily one of the most phtotogenic places on Earth. The ranch is nearly 4,000 acres of undeveloped land that encompass the Hakipuu, Kualoa and Kaaawa valleys.

There are other families or trusts on Oahu that own larger parcels of land in Hawaii, but Kualoa is unique because it is still a functional ranch and nature reserve without urbanization in prime Oahu real estate. Read the Story

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