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Experience Hawaii’s Incredible Hidden Secrets from Above
Blue Hawaiian Over Oahu
Whichever Hawaiian Island is at the top of your list, make sure to book a tour to experience it with Hawaii’s premier helicopter tour company—Blue Hawaiian. Hawaii’s natural wonders include plunging waterfalls, deep ravines, rugged coastlines and secret coves—locations that are not, and may never be, accessible by car.
Blue Hawaiian Over Kauai
Visit sacred temples, historic Hawaiian villages, ancient ponds and other prized, cultural sites, with a view reserved exclusively for aerial tours and Hawaiian deities. Explore the breathtaking beauty of the islands, from active volcanoes to snow-capped mountains, sites of hit movies like Jurassic Park and secluded locations, like the island of Molokai.
Blue Hawaiian Over Hawaii Island
Fly with Blue Hawaiian, for thirty years Hawaii's top helicopter tour company—according to National Geographic, the Travel Channel, and TripAdvisor—for an award-winning experience.
Blue Hawaiian Over Maui
Don’t let your flights in and out of the airport be your only eagle-eye view. Fly Blue Hawaiian—and see the Hawaiian Islands, the way they should be seen.
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

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